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Below are answers to to questions that I get asked frequently.


Do you take commissions or do commercial work?

Of course.



I need you to do an illustration for me. What are your rates?


My rates are specific to the job. Generally speaking, if it will be printed, published, and reproduced at your discretion, then a rate is higher. This is because you are essentially buying the rights to the image. Afterwards, its yours to do as you please. Another variable to consider is how many copies will be made, or to what scale the image will be reproduced and used. If it is more of a one time run of prints, a poster, design, or original drawing, it is lower. A one-of-a-kind original painting to hang above your classy living room couch is priced respectively to time and materials used.

I need an image that is similar to a certain artist, in a specific style. Can you do this for me?


In the past, I have not had good experiences with requests of this sort. Please contact that specific artist, or look for someone that can accommodate that specific style - they likely deserve the work more than I do. Try to be confident that I am exactly the artist for the job based on the work you see on this site.


Ok, you are the right artist for the job. When can you get started?

As soon as I receive a preliminary down payment. This is typical for illustrators. There is a drafting process, which is time consuming - and I communicate to you about all the visual ideas as they develop.


What should I expect from the experience of working with you?

When we figure out the scale of the work we can set a rate. We can get together and hash out ideas or concepts to satisfy the needs of the job. I will communicate with you throughout the drafting process, sending mock-ups and variations of the image, painting, or design. We can then narrow it down from there. Sometimes a client might develop a new idea that they feel strongly about, and it requires for me to return to the drafting table and spend time doing another set of images. In this case, I do require a bit more than the initial quote for the extra time spent.


How do you price your work?

Time spent, with respect to an hourly rate, materials used, and how much liberty I get to take while making the work. As I mentioned earlier, rates can be quoted based on the rights to reproduce/own the image.


How much time does it take or how soon can you finish the artwork?

I work respective to deadlines, but timeliness also depends on the medium (paint, ink, digital) and the size of the work. Preliminary mock-ups and roughs are finished in days, granted we have a clear idea of what we want. Inking, rendering and digital coloring/editing can take a week or so, and painting can take anywhere from weeks to months, depending on size. An example: a black & white 8x10 inked illustration design may take 4 days to a week. A 36 x 36 acrylic painting might take 3 months.


I will have a hard time explaining to you what I want - but have a pretty good idea of the concept. What can we do?

Referential material such as pictures, music, literature - anything that will inform how we approach the project is helpful.


I really like a piece of work on this site. Is it for sale?

Please feel free to inquire - some are for sale, some already have homes. High quality giclee prints can be made of any of the rock posters. I will number and sign them with love.


Do you show your work?

Yes. I have been a part of a few group shows as well as solo exhibitions, from Miami to San Francisco. I am currently working up a new body of personal work and will announce art exhibitions on this site.

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